Research into the effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions in the data room sector remains one of the topical topics in academic papers in recent years.

Evaluating the M&A Transactions

Evaluating the effects of M&A transactions and identifying the factors affecting their effectiveness are necessary to improve the quality of financial justification for M&A strategies and the growth of company value as a result of M&A. Much of the existing research is devoted to the study of the impact of transactions on the value of companies in the financial sector.

The globalization of capital markets, the development of technologies, deregulation of banking activities, increased competition, increased control over credit institutions and the creation of a single financial market in the European Union contribute to the consolidation of the banking market, an increase in the number and volume of mergers and acquisitions, and the creation of international financial companies in both developed and in emerging capital markets.

Recent events will not drastically change this reality and in fact, they may even hasten its advance. In addition, the double shock of supply and demand that is currently being observed in the sector is likely to serve as a catalyst for radical changes in the geography of production. These global and long-term dynamics are important aspects that cannot be ignored. However, we believe that in the short term, oil and gas leaders should not miss the opportunity to consolidate upstream companies in North America and enter into other deals, which became possible due to the current situation with a double shock of supply and demand. And it’s important to remember that time is precious.

The Best Way to Structure a Data Room for M&A Transaction

The virtual data room is what will help you to quickly exchange documents with business partners. Nowadays, when everything is changing very quickly, it is necessary for every enterprise, regardless of the industry. You will have more time, and the savings you can spend on working with new clients. All paperwork will be much faster and easier and more convenient.

Unique circumstances create unique opportunities for creating the best way to structure a data room for M&A transactions:

  1. In difficult times, new opportunities for structural change may emerge, and successful companies will emerge from the crisis by improving their position.
  2. Given the current dynamics of the market, some consolidation next year is inevitable and more than likely to occur through three types of mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Situation-driven consolidation of mining companies in order to obtain strategic value through potential acquisitions and mergers.
  4. Development of activities of financial companies to attract investor activists; and renewed interest in structural change and segment consolidation.
  5. Leaders need to take advantage of this extremely rare coincidence of events to assess potential acquisitions, re-evaluate portfolios, and carefully analyze the foundations of their own operations and the industry as a whole.

The growth in M&A activity in the financial sector in recent decades has contributed to an increase in the number of studies examining the effectiveness of these transactions and the factors that determine the success of mergers and acquisitions. In contrast to existing academic papers focusing mainly on the effects of deals on data from US and European Union companies, we present the results of an assessment of the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the value of acquirers from the fast-growing BRICS markets.